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February - The Month of Love

It’s February the month of Valentines Day and Love! While everyday is a good day to express love to your partner, if you haven’t been, you can start today! I challenge you to do something loving for your partner everyday of this month!

Some ideas are: 

  • Plan a dinner or date night for your spouse.

  • Give your partner a compliment daily. 

  • Notice things you appreciate that your partner does during the week and tell them what it was at the end of the week. 

  • Give your spouse your undivided attention (no phones or tv) and have an intimate conversation. 

  • Take the love languages quiz (if you haven’t already) find out what your partners love language is, and practice it everyday.

  • Do something for your partner to take the load off, something that may make them feel less stressed.

  • Give each other a massage. 

Ok, you have some ideas! Start some of these ideas this month and try to continue them throughout the year! It’s sure to improve your relationship. 

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