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Tyra Berger is an LCPC Approved Supervisor for Graduate student interns or LGPC clinicians working towards clinical licensure as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Maryland. The Therapy Nook, LLC offers a private practice of counseling supervision services. We are dedicated to providing supervision services that improve the clinical and administrative development of counselors in training. 

Supervision Approach 

Tyra believes that clinical skills are acquired through practice, feedback and implementation of the recommendations derived from clinical supervision. The supervisor takes on specific roles with the supervisee based on the dynamic of the relationship and cases being processed. These roles include Teacher for didactic-oriented activities, evaluative functions, and transmitting knowledge; Counselor to help the counselor understand their own dynamics and resolve issues affecting counseling; and Consultant to provide opportunity for the counselor to develop her/his own conceptualization and plan. The most important factor in the success of supervision is good communication between supervisor and supervisee.  


Supervision Style 

Tyra’s goals as a supervisor are to:  

-Enhance skills, competence, and confidence 

-Provide a reflective space and emotional support 

-Provide assistance with professional development 

-Ensure that client services are safe and ethical  


Cost for supervision is $80 per hour.  


If you are interested in supervision, please email me your resume along with the following information:  

Masters Level Intern or LGPC 

Phone Number 

Anticipated Start Date 

School Attending (If Applicable) 

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