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Don't Set Your Marriage Up For Failure! Why Pre-Marital Counseling Is A Must!

You meet the love of your life, you date, you fall in love, you are infatuated with each other, spending most of your time together, not wanting to ever be apart. Dinners, sweet gestures and so much PDA you make others around you gag! Love. Then, after a year or so, after the honeymoon phase has eased a bit, you start to really begin to know each other, your disagreements may become less easy to resolve, some of the things you loved about your love now get on your last nerve; pet peeves! You begin to notice differences in your personality that you may not be that fond of,  but you are still in love! You get through another year of growing in love all while still discovering your differences, and you might even decide to move in together. With that step you learn even more! He leaves the toilet seat up, she is messy, he doesn’t pick up after himself, she leaves the cap off the toothpaste, he snores, she’s a cover hog….oh the horror of it all! Ha! All annoying….but! You’re still in Love. In love enough to want to move on to the next step! Becoming engaged to be married! Love. It was a lovely proposal. Candles and flower petals, she was surprised and excited, she said yes, he shed a tear…now you have a wedding to plan! Venues have to be booked, caterers, florist, the cake, the dress, etc. All to celebrate the love and the coming together of two people who will spend the rest of their lives together…marriage. Let me say that again.. THE REST OF THEIR LIVES TOGETHER…MARRIAGE! I don’t point that out to scare, but to accentuate the magnitude of what that means. Love. Marriage. In all the preparation you do for a wedding and to be together forever, there is another HUGE part of preparing for a wedding, a marriage, and helping to ensure that your marriage will last….Pre-Marital Counseling. 

I recommend Pre-Marital Counseling 100%. Pre-Marital Counseling helps set your marriage up for success. If you are preparing to get married and have not considered Pre-Marital Counseling, I beg you, please reconsider! 

Here’s 5 reasons why: 

  1. Studies shows a 31% higher marital success rate for couples who did participate in Pre-Marital Counseling than those who didn’t. That’s huge! Give yourselves this chance! 

  2. You learn more about your differences, face them and agree on how to handle them before you are faced with them in a negative way once you do get married. 

  3. Learn what your growth areas are (areas you need to work on) and what your strengths are so that you can use them and continue to build on them.

  4. Learn new things about each other; things that don’t come up in normal conversations, like hurtful experiences, sex and expectations. Deal with them and find resolution to them before you wed. 

  5. Again…prevent divorce! Pre-Marital Counseling will make your relationship stronger, provide a framework for a healthy relationship and empower you with tools and skills necessary to communicate effectively and navigate conflicts. 

So…now you know. Pre-Marital Counseling works. Set your marriage up to succeed. I specialize in couples counseling and Pre-Marital Counseling and am a certified facilitator of the #1 Pre-marital Counseling assessment program, Prepare-Enrich used to help strengthen relationships. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment for Pre-Marital Counseling visit my website -

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softbolt wares
softbolt wares
Mar 17, 2023

I was married to a Narcissist who saw our marriage as a game. We split up in January when I found out he had been cheating on me. He got angry with me because I found out. he owes me thousands of dollars and I am going to take him to small claims court for all the money he owes me to this day. He convinced the girl he was having an affair with that I was his sister. I know his world will come tumbling down one day and I can't wait for others to see him for what he is,he cheats and denies at all cost,he turns around and accuses me of cheating on him,domestic abuse is very…

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