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Individual, Couple &
Family Therapy

Tyra Berger is a marriage and family therapist graduate and licensed clinical professional counselor who specializes in marriage and couples counseling, as well as supporting individuals and families through a variety of issues. *Serving clients in Maryland & Virginia*

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Our office is an inviting and comfortable space where we can get to know one another and begin to discuss the issues that motivated you to seek counseling and what your goal is for therapy.

Sometime therapy is a short term process and for others more time is needed to work through complex issues. Either way, I'm here to support you in this process.

What can I expect to gain from therapy?

Better Understanding of Yourself, Your Goals & Values

Develop Skills for Improving Your Relationships

Find Resolution to Issues & Concerns

Learn New Ways to Cope with Stress & Anxiety

Manage Anger, Grief & Depression

Many More...


hot on the

I write this blog to help increase the awareness of different topics regarding healthy relationships and mental health. I hope my blog resonates with you and helps those who may be reluctant to seek therapy to think twice and understand that taking care of your mental health is essential. Enjoy!

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